Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO)
27 October 2017
The City of Johannesburg. Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba recently launched the Inner City Transformation Roadmap - a plan to tackle the housing challenge within the inner city and create safer, cleaner and connected communities with access to economic opportunities within the area. The roadmap is a multi-department and multi-entity supported response to the challenges of urbanisation within the inner city. Twelve buildings have been approved for quality, low-cost housing in the inner-city as part of the City’s plan to revitalise the inner city following the significant backlog of affordable housing, all of which represent families who are in desperate need of housing. The City of Johannesburg’s social housing entity JOSHCO, is geared up to allocate more than 600 affordable rental units in the inner-city in the coming months. The entity has become renowned for delivering homely and aesthetic spaces to the indigent citizens of Joburg, earning between R3 500 and R7 500 a month for SHRA funded projects. JOSHCO is pleased to announce that the list of projects below are market-related and will not be affected by the SHRA criteria. Residents earning between R4000 – R18 000 can now apply for affordable rental accommodation managed by JOSHCO.
Please see the new and improved application process for JOSHCO:
Stage 1:
Complete the enquiry form available at Head office or on the JOSHCO official website
This process will assist the LEASING ADMINISTRATOR to pre-determine whether or not the applicant qualifies for any of the JOSHCO units considering the following conditions:
• If the applicant is a South African Citizen (18 years and older)
• If the applicant’s salary is within the qualifying income bracket for a specific project
• If the applicant’s monthly expenditure is not above the monthly rental required
• If the applicant is not interested in a project that has a priority market/ target group
• If the applicant is listed on any of the credit bureaus
• If the applicant has special needs i.e. a disability unit and if the project of interest caters for such
• If the applicant’s salary is higher/ lower or if the project is full– would the applicant like an
alternative project
Stage 2:
An SMS will be sent to everyone that completed the enquiry form indicating the following:
If the applicant qualifies or does not qualify for a JOSHCO UNIT
Whether or not the applicant was pre-approved to proceed to Phase 2
Documents required to complete a Formal Application
Details of the appointment with the Administrator that will process your application
Stage 3:
If the application is successful,
A Leasing Administrator will invite you to choose a unit
Pay the deposit
Sign a Lease agreement
Get the key to the units
Stage 4:
You will invited to attend a compulsory Tenant Workshop.
Stage 5:
You will be handed over to a Housing Supervisor for snagging of the unit and to complete a moving form
which will serve as a notice to the estate security to gain access to the property.
JOSHCO is hereby inviting the residents of the city to the first ever opening for rental unit enquiries
Date: 8 NOVEMBER 2017
Time: 8h00 – 15h30
Venue: JOSHCO Head Office, 137 Sivewright Avenue, New Doornfontein - Johannesburg
NB: Please bring you original ID document and Salary advice

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