JOSHCO - Building places where PEOPLE love to live!

JOSHCO, known as the Johannesburg Social Housing Company was established in March 2004 by the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) with a mandate to provide and manage affordable rental housing for the lower income market. JOSHCO’s existence is as an integral part of efforts to eradicate the housing backlog within the City of Johannesburg. JOSHCO is a council-owned body run by an independent board, and is both a developer and a rental agent. JOSHCO is a registered Social Housing Institution and is accredited by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), predominantly serving families whose total household income is between R3500 and R7500 per month (for SHRA funded projects). JOSHCO also caters for Johannesburg residents earning between R1500 – R15 000 in certain projects.

Our core business includes:
  • The development of social rental housing.
  • The refurbishment, housing management.
  • The refurbishment, upgrading and management of hostels and
  • The provision of turnaround strategies where necessary.

  • The company’s implementing belief is combining quality and quantity in an endeavour to develop social housing settlements that transform the lives of JOSHCO’s tenants.

    JOSHCO's Project Portfolio includes: